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» Batteries 
      -Batteries used in Railway Systems
      -Batteries used in Telecommunication Systems
      -Batteries used in Power Plants
      -Batteries used in Industrial Applications
» Current Collectors (for 3rd Rail Systems)
» Antivibration Equipments
» Simulation of Vehicle’s Dynamic
» Draft Gear (Rubber, Hydraulic, Ring Spring)
» Electric Motor Brushes and Brush Holders
» Electrical Rail System Vehicles
      -Electrical Locomotives
      -Single and Double Decker EMU’s
      -Metro Vehicles
»Industrial Control Equipments 
      -Temperature Control Equipments
    -Water Level Control Equipments
      -Pressure Control Equipments
      -Fire Warning Thermostats
» Braking Systems and Equipments 
» Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
» Co-Generation Applications
» Composite Brake Blocks and Brake Pads
» Switch Point Rollers
» Switch Point Heating Systems
» Special Locomotives 
      -Mining Locomotives
      -Special Gauge Tunnel Locomotives
      -Shunting Locomotives
      -Maintenance and Service Locomotives
» Pantograph Carbon Strips
» Pump and Pump Elements
» Rail Grinding Machines
      -Max. Grinding Speed 40km/h
» Complete AC Drive Systems for Rail System Vehicles
      -AC Traction Motors
      -Microprocessor Vehicle Control Systems
      -Supply Devices for Auxilary Systems
      -Battery Charging Devices
» Bearings 
      -Bearings for Axle of Rail System Vehicles
      -Bearings for Traction Motor and Generator
      -Bearings for Auxilary Devices Motors
      -Bearings for Transmission
» SEMT PIELSTICK Diesel Engines and Spare Parts 
      -6-8-12-16 PA 4 type Diesel Engines
» Sintered Metallic Brake Blocks 
» Noise Reducing Systems on Rails and Wheels
» Earthing Brushes
» Drawbars for Trainset’s Wagons 
» Turbochargers and Spare Parts
» Wagon Tracking System
» Semi - Automatic Cuplers
» Axle Box for Y25 Type Bogies
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