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Ganz Motor Kft.

GANZ MOTOR KFT.        : With a professional expertise dating back to more than 165 years, Ganz Motor Kft. is a Hungarian manufacturer of major engineering units for railway vehicles. The company is 100% owned by Ganz Holding Corporation. In 1959 the company has become a strong holding with six major companies & factories.  Ganz Motor Kft. is one of these companies and it is a well-known and respectable brand in all railway markets. The company mainly manufactures diesel motor and spares with Semt Pielstick license and additionally rolling stock too.

The main acitivities of Ganz Motor Kft;

«Design and development of diesel engines, hydraulic transmissions, railway bogies using up to date CAD/CAM system
«Expert review, survey and advice on the spot
«Production of railway vehicle components, spare parts, industrial transmissions and special equipments
«Diesel engine, transmission, gearbox installation and assembly on the site
Ru«nning and load testing of diesel engines and transmissions
«Examination, refurbishment and repair of diesel engines, transmissions, bogies
«Modernisation, modification of our products to comply with specific demands
«Manufacturing of gears and other diesel engine parts, transmission or railway vehicle components as subcontractor according to customer requirements
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