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HS Turbochargers

Since 1956 the Hispano Suiza brand of turbocharger has offered leading edge engine boosting technology for diesel and gas engines. 

HS Turbo Chargers company is established in 1958 and ever since that time they are manufacturing large frame turbochargers. HS Turbochargers is giving service in more than 40 countries nowadays.

Drivetrain Power and Propulsion is proud to manufacture the world’s most efficient large frame turbochargers, HS Turbochargers. Our commitment to the development and production of premium turbo-machinery technology has focused demand for this superior product, and there are now more HS Turbochargers being installed in heavy engine applications around the globe than ever before.

Drivetrain has two HS Turbocharger centres of excellence located in Sweden and the USA. These sites have manufacturing, repair, overhaul and hot testing capability; ensuring industry leading quality outcomes

Our purpose-built facilities are complemented by international field service teams who have the flexibility and technical expertise to be deployed wherever they are needed, providing unparalleled service, support, installation and testing at your site.
Whether you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or undertaking a retro-fit, HS Turbocharger is the edge you’ve been looking for.

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