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AUSTROROLL is a maintenance-free roller device for railway points. It’s a patented, proven and continuously developed system which has been in use for decades internationally on all European Railway, Metro and Tram systems.  This innovative product of AUSTROROLL is compeletely lubrication free and it decreases the power needed at the railway switch-points up to 50%.  We strongly recommend to you to get more information about the functionality, economic advantages and the structural chracteristics of the this system.
The main reasons to prefer AUSTROROLL :


» Low installation costs,
» Low Operational costs,
» No need for maintenance or maintenance staff,
» No use of environmentally hazardous lubricants and no decontamination,
» Fast amortization..

» No point failures due to compression,
» Protective for traction systems due to lower acting force requirement,
» The switch rail is brought fully into closed and open position,
» Additional safety brought about by the switch rail being pressed securely against the stock rail,
» More than 20 years in use,
» More than 170,000 AUSTROROLL’s installed…


» No soil or ground water contamination,
» No disposal problems of contaminated sleepers and ballast,
» Ideal for natural preserves,
» Longer timber sleeper life… For More Information;
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