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BREMSKERL-REIBBELAGWERKE EMMERLING GmbH & Co. KG is a family owned globally active SME whose head office is in Estorf-Leeseringen, near Nienburg an der Weser with 350 employees globally, 300 of whom work in Germany alone. The company develops and manufactures brake and clutch linings for rail vehicles, industrial applications and commercial vehicles.
1)Brake pads, shoes and blocks for Railway Systems
«BREMSKERL has more than 70% market share in the European Rolling Stock market. Additionally it has well established manufacturing plants and strong marketing network throughout US, Asia and Middle East. BREMSKERL continuously supplies products to countless railway companies including its biggest client “DEUTSCHE BAHN”. “Safety and Quality Management” are two facts which are mostly valued by BREMSKERL.
BREMSKERL is a leading innovative company with great R&D and Product Development capacity as an addition to its UIC approved product portfolio. BREMSKERL also complies with the highest quality standards through its UIC approved dynamometer and testing facilities.
«Areas of usage

All UIC approved, 25 different formulas with various friction co-efficient are used for Disc Brake Systems, High Speed Train Brake Systems with brake blocks, Passenger Cars, Freight Cars, Metro and Tram Systems.

«Railway System References,
DB, OBB, JR, SBB, AMTRAK, DSB, SNCF, NSB, RENFE, FS, VR, SJ, TCDD, SNCB and various Metro & Tram systems.
2)Brake and clutch linings for commercial vehicles,
BREMSKERL has a significant market share in Europe for the commercial vehicle brake and clutch linings with its product portfolio at OEM quality. It’s a widely preferred company with its client focused approach and continuous technical support.
«Areas of usage
All “type” approved, 10 different formulas developed especially according to its target market are used for Disc Brakes Systems, Brake Systems with Drum, Trailers, Trucks, Buses, Heavy Duty Vehicles and Cranes and Private Cars.
«Commercial Vehicles References,

BPW, Faun, IVECO (Magirus), Kässbohrer, Knott, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Rubery Owen, Rockwell (ROR), Otto Sauer, SAF, Scania, Steyr, Volvo, WABCO ve Warstein Achsen…

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